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SUSTENTAR: The 6 artists

Sustentar received a high number of applications, from north to south of the country. This response represents the artistic community's active and sensitive role in issues related to ecological and social vulnerabilities.

We believe in the relevance and in the value of Sustentar.  We have now received confirmation of the target audience's interest, not only by media coverage, but also by the active involvement verified in the artistic and the academic communities and the general public.

The selection process was extremely competitive given the high quality of the proposals. The jury carefully analyzed all the proposals before making a decision.

The six selected artists are:
- Évora City Council Grant: Elisa Azevedo.
- Figueira da Foz City Council Grant: Maria Oliveira.
- Loulé City Council Grant: Nuno Barroso.
- Mértola City Council Grant: Evgenia Emets.
- Setúbal City Council Grant: Margarida Reis Pereira.
- EDIA Grant: Sam Mountford.

It is a group with great diversity that, we are sure, will add different visions to the mapping of the respective projects. The artist will start developing their work this month, in collaboration with their curators.

About Sustentar

This 2-year program includes 2 residences, 2 workshops, the production and curatorship of a travelling exhibition. The work produced will also be included in the Bienal'21 Fotografia do Porto.

Sustentar is organized and produced by Ci.CLO, in partnership with Évora City Council, Figueira da Foz City Council, Loulé City Council, Mértola City Council, Setúbal City Council and EDIA.

Sustentar is intended to promote and highlight good practices and relevant trends in the context of ecological, social and economic sustainability, to encourage a more active, resilient and responsible citizenship in the conservation of natural resources and cultural heritage.