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Lisa Hoffmann, "Some star dust matter", 2018

Ci.CLO travels to Greece with the artist Lisa Hoffmann, "Some star dust matter"

Ci.CLO travels to Greece with artist Lisa Hoffmann's project "Some Star dust Matter"

Regarding Ci.CLO itinerancy program, "Some Star Dust Matter," a Lisa Hoffmann’s video installation with Daniel Schellongowski's sound composition, is being exhibited in Athens, at DL Gallery, until 4 May. The installation is a meditation on anthropocentric anxieties and creates dual imagery that stems from the notion of nature/culture, the idealization of the biosphere and mindfulness practices, where distorted realities are confronting, interrupting and transforming each other. To be exhibited at Ci.CLO Bienal Fotografia do Porto, "Some Star Dust Matter" was developed in the context of ESCAPE program, a co-production between Hamburg Photography Triennale and Ci.CLO. At DL Gallery, it is part of the exhibition Re-thinking the Environment, a reflection on environmental experiences and all its manifestations, which brings together works from 14 artists.