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Marta Wengorovius

Key-points | A box with 17 coloured pencils, each one with an inscribed word and with instructions for use (among others, body, community, animal, silence, nature) are the drivers for the Visual Inquiry to trigger action (ONE). What space does the word trigger and occupy in me? Awakening another sensitive state conducive to creation (install the engine) then in complicity with another partner (TWO) the previously created material is expanded. What dialogue does the word now produce? Through previous experiences and by association, the group (MANY) will be invited to make a graphic creation (collage) of a manifesto. What needs attention in the world? Answers will be publicly displayed.

Objectives | The Visual Inquiry is structured in three distinct relationships - the individual, the pair and the community in its multiple declinations. Participants will have the opportunity to graphically explore ideas, questions and thoughts in the form of a manifesto.

Participants | All the family

Formator | www.martawengorovius.com


Families | 4€ for each family element

Students | 6€

General Public | 8€

Local | The workshop will take place at the Crystal Palace

Date | 30th june

Schedule | 10h-13h/14h30-17h

Maximum participants | 17 participants. Pre-selection made by order of registration.

Note | The workshop will be lectured in Portuguese.

For more information, please contact Ci.CLO Bienal Photography of Porto - geral@ciclo-bienal.org