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Alberto Giuliani

Key-points | What if the world will end tomorrow? Every participant will be able to choose an escape among the solutions offered by the work SURVIVING HUMANITY.

Objectives | In a short (web usage) video, each participant will give a message explaining what destiny they would choose and why. Every video will end with a “call for action” like: And you what would you choose?

The spirit of the campaign instigates people to reflect on what we can do to provoke people to care about what we have and what we could lose.

Participants | Students, self-taught, activists, profissional photographers and from other artistic areas. Candidates must be over 18 years of age.

Formator biography | Alberto Giuliani has received the most important international awards. His written stories have been published by Vanity Fair, La Repubblica, Stern among others. He has realized documentary videos for big international companies and NGO’s campaigns. He teaches storytelling at the Rossellini School of film in Rome. Giuliani’s photographic books include Malacarne – Married to the Mob (ed. EDEL) and Nextonothing (ed. Logos). His first romance “Gli Immortali” (ed. Il Saggiatore) will be presented in May 2019 at the International Book Fair in Turin.


Students | 20€

General Public | 25€

Local | The workshop will take place in Infant House

Date | 17th may

Schedule | 10h-18h (with lunch break)

Maximum participants | 20

Note | The workshop will be lectured in English

For more information, please contact Ci.CLO Bienal Photography of Porto - geral@ciclo-bienal.org