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Visual Spaces of Change

Integrated into Ci.CLO Biennial Photography of Porto, the collaboration with Visual Spaces of Change is developed through video projection and exhibition of works in public spaces, indoor or outdoor, of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Porto. Visual Spaces of Change is a research project coordinated by the CCRE group, integrated in the I&D center of FAUP - Centro de Estudos de Arquitectura e Urbanismo (CEAU) - U. Porto, which proposes to bring together visual arts artists, architects and curators in an exercise of reflection on the concerns related to the transformation of the territory, the public space and the environment. In the context of Ci.CLO Bienal'19, whose main theme, "Adaptation and Transition", promotes thinking on social and environmental issues through practice and artistic creation, a photographic project will be developed to be implemented in a spot around the city. Conceived as a visual narrative, the project aims to interfere with the territory in an exercise of representation of its own process of change.