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Ewa Ciechanowska & Artur Urbans


Ewa Ciechanowska & Artur Urbans

Phobos Ex Machina is focused on photography as media of influence in post truth world. Authors would like a convince a visitor that tress are deadly dangerous using variety of post-truth tactics: information bubble, anchorism, neglect of probability, and regressive bias. In Classical Greek mythology Phobos is a personification of the fear. Deus Ex Machina term was coined from Greek tragedy, where a machine is used to bring actors playing gods onto the stage. Phobos Ex Machina examines how manipulation through fear affects our choices. The internet and social media held out the promise of a ‘many-to-many’ forum, of a truly democratic communication tool free from government or corporate influence. But this promise is under assault. Interested powers have employed fear as a tool to stimulate a desired action. Algorithms amplify one view at the expense of another. They distort our perception of reality, and thus our choices – choices we believe we have taken independently. Emotion and the media are in a dangerous circularity leading us into a fear-driven world.